The Supreme Court Problem…..

So we all know that the Supreme Court seat that Republicans stole from President Barrack Obama this last year after the death of Anton Scalia will be filled, and more probable that not it will be filled by a conservative judge, guess what, this is what will count as the good news as far as the Supreme Court goes.  The Democrats & Liberals of this country have another problem, Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  Ginsberg, who most likely thought that Hillary Clinton would be elected, decided not to retire during President Obama’s last 4 years.  Well now that she hasn’t retired, there are several questions surrounding her.  For starters, Ginsburg is 83 years old, that’s right not a typo, 83 years old.  So assuming for the sake of argument she can somehow stay alive and coherent for the next 4 years she will be 87 years old at what we would hope be the end of a Trump presidency.  Ginsberg has subtly  suggested that she will not retire during Trump’s time in office.  In most cases hope isn’t a winning strategy, however in this case, hope is all liberals & democrats have.

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