Gone But Not Forgotten

Six years ago today 20 children between the ages of six and seven were fatally shot along with 6 adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. The shooter had an AR-15 style semi-automatic rifle, and ten magazines with 30 rounds each. His intent was to kill as many people as possible in as little time as possible.

Since then, we’ve witnessed assault weapons with high-capacity magazines inflict carnage and suffering in Orlando, Las Vegas, and Parkland.

These weapons are made for soldiers on the battlefield, not for civilians. Not for sports enthusiasts. Not for hunters. They became the weapons of choice for mass shooters after Congress let the 2004 Federal Assault Weapon Ban expire. That ban must be renewed, regardless of profits lost by gun manufacturers.

House History….

It’s not everyday a political party can make electoral history. That though is what the Democrats did in the midterms a few weeks back. There is still some counting left, but currently the Democrats lead the Republicans by over 8 million votes, garnering over 53% of all votes cast.

The last time the Democratic Party enjoyed such a margin was in the Watergate era midterms. Let’s hope for a similar outcome for this president.


The Final Tally…..

In a time that the game is rigged & gerrymandered to favor Republican’s, 39 seats is a huge gain. Third largest in history. Considering the robust economy, the GOP’s crushing loses is an ugly rebuke on Donald J. Trump. Looking forward to seeing the Blue Wave 🌊 in action in January.


Keep Voting….

Ok, my Liberal & Progressives Friends , time for some history lessons. Since 1988, a period that covers 30 years, Republican’s have won JUST TWO Presidential elections via the popular vote. So 8 plus years of illegitimate Republican leadership, stacking the courts, picking Supreme Court judges & on & on it goes without the WILL of the people being represented. This midterm season showed what we could accomplish when we turn out & vote. There is still so much we’ve got to do though. This was just one election, real change happens by being consistent and turning out for ALL elections.


California Dreaming….

From the coast to the mountains & almost every where in between, California has turned Blue. The California contribution to the Blue Wave is still being felt as races are still being called as recently as last night. Before Election Day 2018 the GOP held 14 Congressional House seats. On January 2018, that number will dwindle down to 8 or less.

In the statewide elections no Republican garnered more than 39% of the vote. Staggering numbers for a state that in this generation voted for Ronald Reagan & Richard Nixon. With 55 electoral votes & 57 congressional seats California will remain critical for the success of the Democratic Party moving forward.


Mississippi Vote Blue

In the age of Trump, I’m always surprised at what States & races become competitive. Looks like thanks to mindless, mind numbing comments of Cindy Hyde-Smith, Mississippi might be another competitive race for Senate. Mike Espy has run an energetic campaign & put himself in a great spot in this run off. It appears that the Democratic Party will at least kick the tires and spend some money there as well. More to come on this race.


More Blue Wave Update

Writing about yet another congressional seat going from Republican to Democratic NEVER gets old. Gil Cisneros, has defeated Young Kim, in what was thought to have been a win for the Republicans. The Blue Wave 🌊 has virtually swept away all the Republicans in Congress from California.