Alabama the world is watching….

Alabama, there are many people that think when voting day arrives, you will do the wrong thing. I’m one of those people that think the voters of Alabama will ignore conventional wisdom & they will vote Roy Moore. Why not right, these are the same type of voters that put Donald Trump into office. It’s also one of the reddest states in America, Trump maintains a 60% approval rating in Alabama. Overall, Trumps approval rating is in the 30% range.

Hope has been in short supply since Trump was elected President, however that’s what we have with Alabama. Maybe there are enough voters that will not ignore the facts about Roy Moore & remember how bad it went the last time they gambled on voting for a sexual predator. Alabama, do the right thing & vote for Doug Jones.

Spanning The Country 

Taking a quick look around the country today, we makes stops at the two newspapers of record, The New York Times & The Washington Post. Despite what you have heard from our fake President, these two papers have been getting it right for decades & more lately they have accurately hammered President Trump on his many many missteps. 

The biggest story today is North Korea boasting yet again about testing of nuclear weapons.  It has yet to be determined if these latest claims are accurate or more hubris from Kim Jong Un. One thing is certain, our lack of experience & real leadership in the White House & at the State Department. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been grossly overmatched during the last few months with the nuclear threat from North Korea. If tweet threats counted, the U.S. would be safe & sound, however they do not.  One thing is certain, no one in this current administration with the possible exception of Defense Secretary of State James Mattis seems to have any possible solutions that go beyond basic syllables.

In other news making headlines across the country was President Trump & FLOTUS doing another photo op in Texas with victims of Hurricane Harvey.  In typical Trump fashion there was plenty of sizzle & very little steak. Trump was caught on camera asking people about the boxed meals he was passing out, bragging about the sanitary gloves not fitting his hands & thanking everyone for coming out, as if they had a choice.

Trump Returns to Texas, With Words of Encouragement and Triumph

Spanning The Country 

Today Spanning The Country checks outs the Arizona Republic & The Wall Street Journal. The headlines on those two papers are much like many across the country, discussing the Trump travel ban & the mass confusion and protest that followed throughout the weekend. The good news for many is the Trump administration rolled back many of the restrictions that previously had affected people with travel visas & green cards.  Several federal judges across the country started issuing stays on Trump’s order on Saturday & Sunday, as a protracted legal fight is expected to ensue with the travel ban. In the span of 24 hours, The Resistance donated over 24 million dollars to the ACLU for the legal battles that are ahead. 

Trump & his administration has said this isn’t a good Muslim ban, which seems like a lie, because it is. It’s also curious how Trump & Company came to the list that they released on Friday. It hasn’t been lost on many that he conveniently left off Muslim countries that were home to Trump hotels. So far, all we have seen is spin from the Trump team. If you can believe it Kellyanne Conway actually blamed President Obama for the list of countries on the order.

Spanning The Country 

Today Spanning The Country makes stops in the Big Apple in New York City and we take a look at headlines in Seattle, Washington. In both cities, like many across the country the headlines were about President Trump’s ban on Muslims & Syrians. In the early days of Saturday, the ban caused much anxiety & confusion. Many were sent back, and many more were detained. What made matters worse, many of the detainees had green cards or had been previously approved for travel into the United States. As the day wore on, protest were sparked all across the country. So for the second weekend in a row of Trump’s presidency people were either protesting him or his actions. It was quite a scene as many of the news outlets across the country went live, showing the protest at many of the large airports. 

There were many that had questioned such a ban when Trump was a candidate, even his Vice President Mike Pence had originally called the ban “unconstitutional”.  As fate would have it , the ACLU, filed a Federal lawsuit on behalf of several travelers. Federal Judge Ann Donnally, an Obama appointment, heard the case & issued the stay late yesterday evening.  The ensuing decision led to the protest turning to celebration across the country. It’s an important victory, but the fight is it’s early stages and there is much more to come on this story and the legal wrangling left to do.  For now, The Resistance can enjoy another victory vs the tyrannical Trump. 

Federal judge grants emergency stay to thwart Trump’s refugee ban

Spanning The Country 

This morning Spanning The Country makes stops in Richmond, Virginia & Indianapolis, Indiana. Taking a look at the Richmond Times Dispatch we find that same headlines that most newspapers across the country had, President Trump’s new extreme vetting executive order. In the span of a week Trump has pushed two extremely explosive nationalistic executive orders, one regarding the wall, and this one essentially banning Muslims & Syrians. One does find it quite interesting that Trump didn’t ban Muslims from two countries he does a tremendous amount of business with, Turkey & Saudia Arabia. It could have been just a “coincidence”, but it’s highly doubtful. Most likely another example of the Trump hypocrisy & a show of how his conflicts of interest will prevail. Either way the order & the bans are a very strong & extreme step, one not seen by this country since World War II. I’m for tighter security of our borders like many Americans, but banning people because of their religion is a frightening step that can & most likely lead to things that will have dire consequences. 

In other headlines I specially stopped in Mike Pence’s territory to see what they had to say about the first Vice-President taking place in The March for Life in Washington D.C. yesterday. It’s interesting how hypocritical conservatives really are. If President Obama had marched against something that was the law of the land, Republicans would still be talking about it. Pence’s presence at the march yesterday was barely even covered by anyone outside of his home state. 

Trump orders strict new refugee screening, citing terrorists (Via RTD)

Spanning The Country 

Today Spanning The Country makes stops in the heartland in Denver & The Des Moines Register. Once again in may newspapers across the country was President Trump making headlines for the wrong reasons. Trump & company completely botched the announcement of a tax involving Mexico, that would be more of a hardships on Americans than Mexico. This all to pay for a wall that Trump claimed we weren’t going to pay for. 

Later in the evening Trump sat down with Sean Hannity and had a fairly terrifying interview where he said the majority of news was fake, scary. Trump doubled down on voter fraud, with no evidence & again he discussed the size of his inauguration crowd. Again, with no evidence to support any of his claims. President Obama has only been out of office a week, but it seems like so much longer, and it also seems like Trump has made more bad headlines in a week, than Obama made in 8 years. 

Spanning The Country 

Spanning The Country makes stops at the Los Angeles Times & The Boston Globe. The news of the day in many other newspapers around the country was President Trump’s wild ride of wall’ & voter fraud. The voter fraud comments have thus far blown up in Trump’s face, as it was revealed yesterday his daughter Tiffany, his chief political strategist Steve Bannon & his Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnucin were all in violation & in registered to vote in two states. Something that seems about right for Trump & his fledgling administration.    

Trump also doubled down on his promise to build the wall on our southern border with Mexico. What’s extremely unclear is how the wall will be paid for beyond the American people. When pressed neither Paul Ryan, nor Donald Trump has offered any viable or quantifiable fact that Mexico would be paying. Both claim the process would be complex and “hard to explain”.   So it goes, another day in Trump’s America. 

Spanning The Country 

Today Spanning The Country makes stops in Denver, Colorado at the Denver Post & Orlando, Florida at the Orlando Sentinel.  In what seems to be the theme of his early presidency, Trump appears like he wants to undo 8 years of President Obama in his first week in office.  Yesterday, Trump signed in more executive orders that effectively revives both the Keystone XL & Dakota Access pipelines. Unfortunately, these were campaign promises it looks as though Trump will keep. It remains to be seen how the Dakota pipeline will move forward without heavy legal action as the Standing Rock Sioux chairman Dave Archambault II said yesterday that Trump was legally required to honor our treaty rights & provide a fair, reasonable process. There will be much more to follow on both of these pipelines. 

Taking a look at the Denver Post we find a disturbing story of Trump issuing a media blackout of the EPA, which is highly unusual. Trump barred the EPA from any new contracts or grants. Members of Trump’s team expect the media blackout to lifted by weeks end. The barring of contracts is not unusual for a new administration, but this media blackout is a very scary precedent & one that demands a closer look, if Trump should try doing this in other agencies. 

Just another day of undoing good, with bad in Trump’s new AMERICA. 

Trump dogged by insecurity over popular vote, media coverage

Spanning The Country 

Spanning The Country goes beltway style today with stops in Washington D.C. & Baltimore, Maryland. The big headlines of the day are the round of executive orders signed by President Trump. A quick sidebar, President Obama was largely criticized by conservatives for his usage of the executive order, however Republicans seem fine with Trump using them now.  Trump, actually fulfill two campaign promises yesterday by putting a freeze on all federal hiring, excluding the armed forces. Trump, also pulled the United States out of the Trans Pacific Partnership, fulfilling another campaign promise.  That move comes with mixed reviews as it will deeply affect farmers on the west coast & California. Trump, also signed back into an older law anti abortion law from the Reagan era, that prevents funding to overseas health organizations. Overall, it was a great day for the far right agenda, and a day that reminds people on the other side of the aisle what they are fighting for in the coming days, weeks & years.

Spanning The Country 

Spanning The Country’s headlines today we go coast-to-coast today, taking a look at Los Angeles & New York City. In both cities the headlines were the combative nature of Trump & his team with the media. On Saturday, in the first press conference of the new administration, Sean Spicer took no questions, and of the five topics he discussed, 4 were total fabrications of truth. It was considered a disaster, especially for a first press conference. Not to be outdone though, Kellyanne Conway on Meet The Press, stonewalled the moderator, Chuck Todd for several minutes, until she finally flubbed her answer & used the phrase, “alternative facts”.  With the historical march on Saturday & then the media flubs, the Trump administration is off to a very shaky & embarrassing start.