The Village Idiot POTUS Elect

Proving once again that he has no ideas about american laws & our constitution, Donald J. Trump had this wing dinger of a tweet today. Which shows once again how in over his head he really is & how he isn’t in touch with what a democracy really is. Whether we agree with flag burning or not, that right is protected by the same laws that protect religious freedoms & those precious gun laws conservatives are always spouting off about.

The New Trump Vocabulary…..

As the Trump Presidency gets ready to get underway, there will be a whole new vocabulary that we as American’s will need to learn.  Let’s go over some of those words shall we.

Alt-Right- this a term that really describes a movement that’s basically white nationalism.  With Steve Bannon being the new chief strategist, you will hear this term frequently. It’s fair to say this is a form of racism.

Normalize- This a term the press has used to describe Trump, since he is so far out of the normal, it is a way the press has to cover & report on Trump & try and make him seem like not such a lunatic.

Hate-Crimes-  Last year hate crimes were up 67% in this country against Muslim’s & African Americans.  With the rhetoric used in this campaign & the empowerment by right leaning voters, this is a phrase you will hear a lot sadly moving forward.

KKK & The American Nazi Party-  It’s been a long time since we have heard about these groups.  Both endorsed Trump’s campaign, and with Steve Bannon in the fold, you will hear from both groups much more than you ever have.

Stop & Frisk- this is something that is basically and has been ruled as such a violation of people’s civil rights, but that’s not going to stop Trump & his goons from bringing it back.  This is a great way for law enforcement to detain Muslims, African Americans & and any minorities they deem a “problem”.

I’m sure we will be adding to this list in the coming days and weeks, but I wanted to do my part to educate liberal & progressive America.

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Ignorance was Bliss in Decision 2016

For many liberals & progressives the key to Donald Trump’s rise to the top was the lack of knowledge or voter information regarding their candidate & Hillary Clinton.  For whatever reason, and even though information is much more easy to come by, facts & the truth were a partnership that really never evolved with many Trump voters.  Social media stayed ablaze with fake new sites & if you had a nickel for every conservative voter that sourced one for that argument, you most likely would have struck it rich in 2016.  Another problem with the uninformed masses that comprised Trump voters was the older white voter who had no idea how to fact check or find if Trump was making things up out of whole cloth, which was the case most of the time.  It was estimated by that Trump was untruthful over 90% of the time.

Call it voter apathy, call it ignorance but when it came to Trump & Clinton, but people who voted for Trump chose to believe everything negative said about Clinton and ignore blatant facts about their candidate.  Most never believed that Trump has two fraud cases in Federal Court later this month, or 75 legal matters before the court, however most Trump voters believed that Clinton had already been convicted of a crime and was unable to hold any office.  Of course there was the Trump voters that believed Trumps claims & BS about President Obama not being from this country.  For me I have to look no further than my own family for some of this nonsense, I have a mother that believed Hillary Clinton is a mass murder & is the lead suspect in over 75 murders & a father who doesn’t believe that our new first lady posed nude and was photographed many many times in provocative poses, even after I showed him the pictures and articles, he still didn’t believe it.  My guess is anyone reading this had conservative family members that believed things like this & worse.  It doesn’t make the sting of this election any better, but at least we can have a chuckle or two.

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