The Funky Bunch…

It’s been said you are known by the company you keep. If this maxim holds true, what does this say about Donald Trump and his motley crew. If you’re keeping track, he has now had 4 people that has worked for him in the last 18 months that either indicted or have plead guilty to felonies. Most notable was his National Security Advisor Mike Flynn. Isn’t Trump the law & order guy? Wasn’t Hillary Clinton supposed to be the candidate that was going to be under constant scrutiny & investigations?

The Mueller Investigation continues to roll on and bear fruit. Time will tell what fruit is born from this investigation & more importantly what Republicans will actually do to hold this president accountable. As far as we the people go, stay informed & communicate with your Congressional leaders.

Wasn’t Hell Hiring ?

If I was lucky enough to be called on by Sarah Huckabee Sanders at a White House Press briefing my question would be short & to the point. “Sarah was this position you have here at the White House already filled in Hell? There has to be a better way to make a living.

Seems like old times…

Something to keep in mind when reading this article, The Weekly Standard is a conservative publication. So what does it say when it gives one of its own such terrible grades. If you think a failing presidency is a shocking turn of events for Donald Trump, you haven’t paid attention. Trump was a very mediocre student in high school & into his college years. He failed at business, and to be staked to financial glory by his father Fred Trump. Even with all his advantages, he somehow managed to loose money when others prospered. Trump has filed bankruptcy six times, far more than any real successful companies or businessmen.

So, the fact that we are on the brink of a nuclear war with North Korea, legislation failures, infighting amongst his own party and staff. It was all there for us to see, sadly only the majority of us looked.

Blissful Ignorance 

I have always found the stunning and willfull ignorance conservative something so difficult to understand, and to even quantify. So when I stumbled across this post on a liberal site, I felt it was a must share. Stunning, but not surprising when you think about 2016 went. 

Willful Ignorance, or Stupid and Proud of it. American Idiots.

I don’t know why intelligent people believe it politically incorrect to call stupid people ignorant, or even idiotic. It is not an alternative fact, the truth is a majority of Americans are, actually, willfully ignorant of history, culture, and actively anti-intellectual. They appreciate all the benefits of technology and science but still embrace superstition and stubbornly cling to supernatural explanations for life, existence and refuse to accept evolution as evidence based science.

Below are some numbers culled from the last ten or so years.

In a 2008 survey about 20% of American adults know there are 100 Senators, about the same percentage know they have a term of six years.

In a 2014 Gallup survey, 59% of Americans believe in “divinely guided” evolution. The same survey showed about 40% believe in Creationism or Biblical Genesis. Only 8% believe in “evolution” without any heavenly assistance.

The same survey showed that among Americans with less than high school education, 57% of those believe ‘God’ created humans less than 10,000 years ago. Among high school graduates the percentage increased to to only 48%, but 27% of college graduates still held on to the ten thousand year old threshold. Among regular, weekly, church goers, 69% believe their god created the first humans 10,000 years ago.

Only one five Americans can identify or name more than one of the Ten Amendments.

A Gallup Poll in 2005 only 49% of Americans knew that the United States was the first nation to drop atomic bombs.

A 2007 USA Today survey found out that 55% of Americans believe the Constitution established the United States as a Christian nation.

In 2013 in Public Policy Polling, 37% of Americans believe Climate Change is a hoax. Among Republicans 58%are convinced its a hoax, about 61% of Romney voters agreed.

Climate Change is a highly partisan issue, the 2013 PPP survey showed that only 11% of Democrats believe it was fake news, but 77% believed it was real. That was one of the greatest disparities between the two major parties.

14% in the PPP survey believe in Bigfoot, or roughly 43 million American adults think Sasquatch exists. Along with the 21% who believe a flying saucer crashed in Area 51 back in 1947 and not a weather balloon.

65% of American in that 2013 survey cannot name a single Supreme Court justice.

But a CBS poll in 2011, showed that 80% of Americans believe angels are real.

30% of Americans in 2013 couldn’t name the Vice President.

A Politico report in 2015, showed that one third of millenials, Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 could not name either one of the United States Senators. Among Latinos the only one in six could identify a Senator among African Americans, according to the survey only one in ten could name a single Senator.

So, it goes. Americans are the most Christian nation on the planet, the most self righteous and the most ignorant, and proud of it.

Has Any President Ever Been as Despised in his Hometown as Donald Trump?

They say the people that know you best, vote accordingly, right?  If that holds true, Donald Trump a life long New Yorker & Manhattan resident lost both the city & state that he lives in by extremely wide margins. To be fair though, Trump did lose the popular vote by over 3 million votes as well.  It’s not that Trump lost the city & state he resides in, it’s how loathed is there. In New York City, a city Trump has lived & worked in for over 40 years, he got just 10% of the vote. Staggering for a city that’s the largest in the country. It’s also equally telling as well. It once again underscores just how utterly ignorant the Trump voters are. Hard core republicans will say that many democrats are just costal elites, that are out of touch. I ask you this, what more out of touch than a billionaire living in 50 story building in New York City, with his name on it. In town where is despised by almost all. 

Great article from Newsweek & Zack Schonfeld.

The Other Half….

Some interesting poll numbers out from the Wall Street Journal, regarding Russia’s interference in the Presidential election. What’s interesting, to me anyway, is that only half of those polled believed Russia had interfered. Take that in for a second, 17 intelligence communities agreed our election was interfered with, but only half of America believes we were. Considering that only 24% of the country voted for Trump, that is a staggering amount of disbelief or ignorance, however to see it, I choice the latter. A deeper look into the polling shows that only 26% people believed Trump would have lost, had Russia not interfered. Again, a staggering low number. Trump won the presidency by only 78,000 votes, period. I guess some silver lining to the polling was that 63% weren’t sure what affect the interference had. Naturally, one can assume the 36% that felt Russia didn’t hack or interfere were most likely Trump voters.