Stop Normalizing of Racism 

You most likely don’t know Carl Paladino, a prominent american businessman, and real estate developer. More recently though, Paladino was the co-campaign chair for New York, for President-Elect Donald Trump. 

Today a report from The Buffalo News & The Hill have verified extremely racist comments made by Paladino regarding the First Lady & President Obama.  Paladino was quoted as saying “Michelle Obama, I’d like to see her return to being a male and let loose in the outback of Zimbabwe, where she lives comfortably in a cave with Maxie the gorilla.  

When referring to President Obama, Paladino was quoted as saying “Obama catches mad cow disease after being caught having relations with a Hereford. He dies before trial and is buried in a pasture…..”. There was more to this quote regarding White House advisor Valarie Jarrett.  

This person works for Donald Trump, a close associate. This person was a senior person in his campaign and this is the rhetoric coming from a Trump surrogate. This type of obvious racism & normalization has to stop. Trump needs to address this in the media with the same zeal & vigor he does Alec Baldwin or SNL.   

I’m not NBC or CBS or anyone of consequence, but The Daily Liberal will do everything in its power to bring issues like this to as much light as possible. Racism & Hate cannot & will not be tolerated in a civilized society. 

Wag The Dog

Let me start by saying this, I’m thankful for the MAJOR disaster this country was spared when Donald Trump was elected to be our 45th President.  Can you imagine the huge loss of life that would have been inflicted on conservatives in this country if Hillary Clinton had been elected and then subsequently put four people from Goldman Sachs on her cabinet.  If that didn’t do the trick, imagine if she her National Security Adviser & Secretary of State appointees both had ties to Russia & Putin?  The death toll from that type of transition would have been catastrophic to Republicans & Trump supporters.

I however digress, onto the news of the day, which is reports from NBC News & The New York Times that Donald Trump intends to name Rex Tillerson, CEO of Exxon Mobile to be the next Secretary of State.  So just like that, Donald Trump has done what he always does and does well, he has changed the narrative & the news cycle all at the same time.  Yesterday and into the evening the BIG news of the day was President Obama ordering an investigation into Russian involvement into the election, after it was reported that the CIA has reached the conclusion back in October Russia was involved.  If your Donald Trump this is not a headline you want to see, let alone to dominate a weekend news cycle.

The investigation ordered by President Obama and expects to conclude before his term is over, is to review information regarding Russian hacking into the DNC and other possible cyber attacks, and of course the propaganda machine coming out of Russia that was fake news.  If your Donald Trump this threatens your legitimacy problems even further.  His deficit in the popular vote has swelled to an unprecedented 2.8 million votes.  So an investigation into the cyber attacks and hacking regarding the outcome of decision 2016 is certainly something Trump & Company want to see.  Trump took the very poor position last night to rip the very intelligence community he will lead in less than 40 days.  He even blamed them for misinformation regarding the Iraq war, even though this isn’t the same intelligence community.  Most likely he knows that’s a distinction his supporters won’t know the difference on.  Trump in his true to form carnival barker style tried that approach last night and into this morning.  However, continuing to rip the CIA is a bad move, even for a moron like Donald Trump.

So, right on cue various news outlets naming unnamed sources within the Trump transition team leak information regarding Trump’s Secretary of State choice.  Naturally of course, the media had to jump all over, it is after all big news.  Trump had been building suspense regarding this particular appointment, so it is truly odd that it leaked out in this manner.  Guess what though, mission accomplished, the narrative was changed and there will be a new news cycle that will dominate the Sunday talk shows and heading into next week.  Trump as a bonus will also get to keep the headline to himself.  Somewhere in Trump’s lofty mansion penthouse at Trump Tower, is a copy of the movie Wag The Dog, and he has followed the script time and time again, and will continue to.



Once upon a time in America it was normal to own and sell actual human beings, it was as common place as the way we sell cars now.  It was also common practice when someone was ill to use leeches to help cure the ailment, that was also normal.  More recently in this country, it was considered normal that women didn’t vote, that was the way it was.  As we move further down the road, at one time in the country it considered normal that people of color had to go to separate schools, bathrooms, restaurants, and they even had to sit in the back of buses,  perfectly normal.  These are just a few examples of things that seem outrageous now and almost unthinkable, but all were considered normal.

The road to progress can be a very fast moving one sometimes, moving at what seems like the speed of light.  20 years ago, fax machines were a fast way of sending information, now your probably googling what a fax machine was.  The road backwards can also happen pretty quickly too, almost in front of our very eyes.  We learned in 2016 that even though we thought we have progressed down the road where hate & bigotry were things that only existed in the shadows, but we now know that the shadows can quickly overtake the light.  The 2016 Presidential campaign, mainly President Elect Donald Trump introduced thoughts, ideas and language that the very start of his campaign seemed absurd, and extreme.  He talked of banning a certain religion from this a country, FYI, America was founded on freedom of religion.  Trump insulted Mexicans, Muslims, women, & handicapped, he spoke of nationalism in way that was extremely subversive, and for the most part was dark.  Trump was caught on tape revealing his true self, bragging of sexual harassment & assault, but somehow the language was branded, locker room talk, boys will be boys I guess, even if they were like 58 years old at the time.  As the ebb & flow of the campaign continued and the media massive FAILURE in covering and reporting Trump, his actions, and words and thought process was depicted in a normal fashion.  

We know now, the end result of this catastrophic failure was Donald Trump being elected, and as quickly as the hope President Obama brought us 8 years ago, seems to disappearing faster than the winter sun. Since Trump has been elected hate crimes have steadily risen all over this country, including it’s largest New York City, by 115%, according to ABC News.  Trump has tweeted flat out lies regarding the election totals, and the VP Elect Mike Pence went on national t.v. Sunday and doubled down on these claims, again sans any factual evidence, and once again the media allowed both Trump & Pence to LIE to the American people.  Trump has attacked a broadway troupe and SNL via twitter and in interviews, again this was not reported as the musings of a mad man, just another day in the life of a grumpy old man.  Scarier than that, Trump has gone to twitter and in recent rallies across the country and essentially asked that people in violation of their 1st Amendment rights be jailed & lose their citizenship, and once again just another day in the office for the media.  

Where does the line get drawn, how far will this go, how far can it go?  Will the media finally figure out a way to report and cover Trump? Of course the million dollar question is how far do We the People allow this go?  The hope is that the 66 million people that didn’t vote for Trump, will stay diligent, alert and continue to push back against the rising tide, and keep normal….normal.