Spanning The Country 

Today Spanning The Country makes stops in Richmond, Va. & San Francisco, California. Much like yesterday, most of the headlines across the country were the same, the big news of the day was the Woman’s March. All across the country in cities small & big, the marches were extremely large, and successful. It is estimated in Washington D.C. that nearly twice as many turned out for the march, than for the inauguration of Donald Trump. It is being reported that over 500,000 showed up in D.C., amazing.  Considering the enormity of the marches, they remained very peaceful, with only sporadic reports of protests turning violent. 

Indeed, for members of The Resistance & the opposition party, yesterday was a humongous success. For the newly elected President Trump, yesterday was another embarrassing chapter in his extremely short tenure.

From Sea to Shining Sea!

Every where you look in this country today, literally hundreds of thousands of people are gathering & marching as one to have President Trump hear their voices. It’s an amazing show of unity & strength, and it show the RESISTANCE is very strong in the face of certain tyranny. From Los Angles, to Boston to Washington D.C., even the small towns like mine, Virginia Beach, millions have gathered as a show of strength to President Trump that We The People will not go quietly into that good night.

Boycott Trump!!

Boycott Donald Trump products. Boycott Donald Trump corporations selling his products. Boycott the Donald Trump brand. Boycott the Donald Trump inauguration. Most importantly, let’s boycott the Donald Trump Presidency!!

The Resistance!!!

Spanning The Country 

Gore Vidal famously said that half the Country doesn’t vote & half the country doesn’t read newspapers, let’s hope its the same half. 

From Seattle, Washington to Richmond, Virginia the biggest headlines were the United States not voting in the UN resolution involving Israel. While the no vote was not surprising, it was still disappointing for our ally & Israel’s many supporters across this country & abroad. 

Live From New York….

Hopefully someone in the Trump camp has either put the President Elect to bed early or maybe put the parental controls on NBC’s Saturday Night Live.  Either way hopefully Trump avoids his normal Twitter review of SNL. 

The Great Conductor….

One thing Donald J. Trump is great at is manipulating the press, he is like a conductor of a symphony. When his horrible Access Hollywood tape was revealed & the subsequent sexual harassment accusations that followed, Trump started this weird drumbeat of its rigged. During the last debate he doubled down on it, saying he wouldn’t concede, and that became what people were talking about-the press.  

Friday, Trump settled a lawsuit he said many, many many times he would NEVER settle. It was a headline for less than 12 hours, until his Twitter war with the Broadway cast of Hamilton & SNL started. 

One of the main reasons Trump is President is because the press didn’t know how to cover him as a candidate. Now that he is President, they need to learn & learn fast.
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