Pants on Fire…..

We know that Donald Trump bends and shapes the truth to fit his realities and narratives. In other words, he is a big fat liar. This though, we already knew, it’s his ignorant base that’s still in the dark about this Fact. What’s utterly amazing though somehow, is the sheer volume and totality of the amount of his lies. This is am amazing article from the Washington Post on the amount of lies & misleading statements made by Trump in two years occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Spoiler alert, it’s over 8000.


Will this President ever take ownership & accountability? The obvious and short answer is NO. Whether it be hurricane victims, mass shooting victims ,victims of fires or dead kids, Donald Trump never takes ownership & frequently blames the party NOT in power, and politicizes the issue for gain with his “base”. Whom most of the time seems not to know truth from fiction. I get that we live in the age of tribalism & post truth, but this has gone to far and has to stop. If not when the history is reviewed the United States will be on the side of wrong in the history books.

Drone on….

“Nearly halfway through his term, Trump is still revealing new ways in which he is simply awful at his job — the important stuff, the trivial stuff and everything in between.”

Send a list of Trump’s impeachable offenses to your members of Congress here: #TrumpResign