Will this President ever take ownership & accountability? The obvious and short answer is NO. Whether it be hurricane victims, mass shooting victims ,victims of fires or dead kids, Donald Trump never takes ownership & frequently blames the party NOT in power, and politicizes the issue for gain with his “base”. Whom most of the time seems not to know truth from fiction. I get that we live in the age of tribalism & post truth, but this has gone to far and has to stop. If not when the history is reviewed the United States will be on the side of wrong in the history books.


Drone on….

“Nearly halfway through his term, Trump is still revealing new ways in which he is simply awful at his job — the important stuff, the trivial stuff and everything in between.”

Send a list of Trump’s impeachable offenses to your members of Congress here: http://bit.ly/2roqU7H #TrumpResign


Worst Christmas Eve Stock Market…..Ever….

In what is a microcosm of this administration…today is the punctuation of the ineptitude of Trump & Company. Yesterday, in an effort to calm the markets, Trump dispatched Steven Mnuchin to speak with top financial CEO’s. Well, that didn’t work as the markets got off to a rocky start. So in the midst of a slight rally, Trump tweets and blames the market crashing on the Federal Reserve Chairman. Of course, the rally stops & the market ends down 653 points.



Winning Never Sleeps…

U.S. Presidents certainly have impacts on the stock market & the economy. However, NO president has affected it in a more dire way than Donald Trump. The chaos on Wall Street the last few months is a direct reflection on his governance and awful trade policy, and tariffs. Despite his self proclaimed bio, Trump is not nor has he ever been a good businessman. There is zero evidence to support it, and much more to support his failings, ala his six bankruptcies. There is also no evidence to support his prowess as commander in chief but that’s another rant for another day.

It will be interesting to see if House & Senate Republicans grow a spine of the economy continues to slow and the markets continue in this direction. Nothing unites an electorate like a bad economy……