The Funky Bunch…

It’s been said you are known by the company you keep. If this maxim holds true, what does this say about Donald Trump and his motley crew. If you’re keeping track, he has now had 4 people that has worked for him in the last 18 months that either indicted or have plead guilty to felonies. Most notable was his National Security Advisor Mike Flynn. Isn’t Trump the law & order guy? Wasn’t Hillary Clinton supposed to be the candidate that was going to be under constant scrutiny & investigations?

The Mueller Investigation continues to roll on and bear fruit. Time will tell what fruit is born from this investigation & more importantly what Republicans will actually do to hold this president accountable. As far as we the people go, stay informed & communicate with your Congressional leaders.

Fake President…

It’s hard to make the argument that Donald Trump isn’t an irresponsible jackass. Even his most ardent supporters have an extremely difficult time making a credible argument against it. Trump’s fake news mantra has caught on like wildfire, his merry band of deplorables eat it like candy. So much so that a man credibly accused of being a pedophile is successfully running for senate.

Much scarier that that though, is how this disease and fad is catching on with other dictators & authoritarians around the globe. People in those countries don’t have the same media and internet access that we have in the United States, so it’s a much scarier proposition that they are now less informed & less likely to believe the news. Just another example of how Trump has made our a much less safer place.

This is a great article from Politico on this frightening trend.