The End or the Beginning….???

Remember when you thought it was a joke that Donald Trump was running as a Republican? Do you still remember how relieved you were when he won the nomination, and that Hillary Clinton would soon be the President of the United States. As we know now, a funny thing happened along the way to Inauguration Day 2017.

The good feeling many of us had when Barrack Obama was president was quickly erased that cold November night. It was replaced by something darker & colder & much more somber. How could there be 60 million Americans that could have voted for Trump ? During the election, Trump wasn’t shy who he was or what he stood for. Yet there they were, 81% of white Christian evangelicals voting for him, with all that knowledge & a side of the Access Hollywood tape.

The real question remains though, was this a wake up call for the rest of us, #TheResistance, will this re-energize the left in 2018? Is this just the beginning, are there more like Trump & Roy Moore?

This is a great article from New York Magazine & Frank Rich on that topic.