Flirty Kellyanne….

In case you missed it this morning, Kellyanne Conway, runner up to the worst person on the planet in 2017, was on Fox & Friends. If you listened closely, you could hear her say vote for Roy Moore. Conway stated that the people of Alabama needed to vote for the candidate that represented Donald Trumps agenda, and that wasn’t Doug Jones. For a White House that has played coy over the last few weeks, this was the closest thing to an endorsement and the furthest thing from condemnation.

I understand partisan politics, I get it. However, this is something else all together. This man, I use the term loosely has been accused of sex with minors. Something he has not flatly denied. How have we sunk this low that the sitting governor of Alabama a woman, Kay Ivey went in front of cameras and said she believed the women, but would vote Moore anyway. Where does this leave us, what exactly is going to be rock bottom in the Trump era of Republicanism?