DACA’s Dark Day

On Tuesday most likely, President Trump will announce an end to President Obama’s DACA program. If your an ardent Trump supporter, this news probably thrills your little xenophobic heart. However, if your one of the roughly 65% of Americans that didn’t vote for Trump, its another blight & embarrassment. If your one of the Dreamers, it’s a sad end too your “American Dream”. 

  There are a great many things Trump has promised and hasn’t delivered. No Obamacare repeal anywhere in sight. His vaunted infrastructure package has yet to see the light of day. The “wall” will most likely never be built & if so, we the people will pay for it.  This however is one campaign promise the bigoted and xenophobic autocratic President will deliver on.  Not surprising or shocking for a man who just a few weeks ago defended the KKK & Nazi’s.