The Resistance Redux

Much like the Tea-Party did, The Resistance needs to do the same thing, on every level, local, state & federal. 

From Robert Reich, 

The resistance must extend to the states. Don’t let Trump’s antics in Washington divert your attention from what’s happening in state governments. 

Republicans now control both chambers in 32 states, including 17 with veto-proof majorities, and have 33 governorships. Those states cover 61 percent of the U.S. population. After the November elections, Kentucky, Missouri, New Hampshire, and Iowa are added to the list of states Republicans now totally rule. 

The result – now in full swing – is state legislation to (1) erode union powers, (2) undermine abortion rights, (3) loosen gun regulations, (4) expand school-choice programs, (5) slash taxes on the rich and spending on the poor, and (6) entrench Republican power through legislative redistricting.

Keep vigilant. Keep organizing and mobilizing. Don’t succumb to cynicism or burnout. Your activism is more important now than it’s been since the Vietnam War.

What do you think?