The Tweeter In Chief…..

A quick check of President Elect Donald Trump’s twitter feed shows a pretty terrible and poorly crafted New Years tweet to his followers & apparently his enemies as well.  What I nor anyone else saw was some type of comment about Russia’s most recent cyber attack of the country he is President of.  Trump did however, take the the time on Friday, one day after President Obama had issued sanctions against Russia, to thank Putin for not responding at this time.  As a matter of fact, that tweet was retweeted by the Russian government, which has to be a first right?  

This seems to be an on going trend with the President Elect, cherry picking issues he wants to tweet about.  Earlier in the week he tweeted about Sprint calling him about adding 5 thousand jobs in 2017.  The only problem with that tweet is, Sprint had already announced this in October of this year.  Trump knows most of his supporters aren’t very good with facts or fact checking, so why not roll the dice on that one.  What was more disturbing was a tweet you would have expected regarding his life long friend & New York campaign chairman, Carl Paladino.  Paladino whose quotes were so far over the line and so hateful, one would have assumed Trump and his team would have had some strong comments.  The transition team released a statement, lukewarm at best, but nothing at all from Trump himself.  Trump, did however a few days later did take the time to thank, well thank himself for the strong retail sales in December.  Like many facts I guess it escaped him that President Obama is still currently the Commander in Chief.

Based on what he tweets it is crystal clear & obvious that the President Elect still doesn’t have a strong voice surrounding him & his twitter usage.  Twitter is an effective tool for communicating, however cherry picking topics & issues is just another example of how Trump continues to be a divider & not a someone uniting the We The People, that he supposedly “intends” to lead.