Spanning The Country 

Today Spanning The Country checks outs the Arizona Republic & The Wall Street Journal. The headlines on those two papers are much like many across the country, discussing the Trump travel ban & the mass confusion and protest that followed throughout the weekend. The good news for many is the Trump administration rolled back many of the restrictions that previously had affected people with travel visas & green cards.  Several federal judges across the country started issuing stays on Trump’s order on Saturday & Sunday, as a protracted legal fight is expected to ensue with the travel ban. In the span of 24 hours, The Resistance donated over 24 million dollars to the ACLU for the legal battles that are ahead. 

Trump & his administration has said this isn’t a good Muslim ban, which seems like a lie, because it is. It’s also curious how Trump & Company came to the list that they released on Friday. It hasn’t been lost on many that he conveniently left off Muslim countries that were home to Trump hotels. So far, all we have seen is spin from the Trump team. If you can believe it Kellyanne Conway actually blamed President Obama for the list of countries on the order.