Spanning The Country 

Today Spanning The Country makes stops in the Big Apple in New York City and we take a look at headlines in Seattle, Washington. In both cities, like many across the country the headlines were about President Trump’s ban on Muslims & Syrians. In the early days of Saturday, the ban caused much anxiety & confusion. Many were sent back, and many more were detained. What made matters worse, many of the detainees had green cards or had been previously approved for travel into the United States. As the day wore on, protest were sparked all across the country. So for the second weekend in a row of Trump’s presidency people were either protesting him or his actions. It was quite a scene as many of the news outlets across the country went live, showing the protest at many of the large airports. 

There were many that had questioned such a ban when Trump was a candidate, even his Vice President Mike Pence had originally called the ban “unconstitutional”.  As fate would have it , the ACLU, filed a Federal lawsuit on behalf of several travelers. Federal Judge Ann Donnally, an Obama appointment, heard the case & issued the stay late yesterday evening.  The ensuing decision led to the protest turning to celebration across the country. It’s an important victory, but the fight is it’s early stages and there is much more to come on this story and the legal wrangling left to do.  For now, The Resistance can enjoy another victory vs the tyrannical Trump. 

Federal judge grants emergency stay to thwart Trump’s refugee ban