Spanning The Country 

This morning Spanning The Country makes stops in Richmond, Virginia & Indianapolis, Indiana. Taking a look at the Richmond Times Dispatch we find that same headlines that most newspapers across the country had, President Trump’s new extreme vetting executive order. In the span of a week Trump has pushed two extremely explosive nationalistic executive orders, one regarding the wall, and this one essentially banning Muslims & Syrians. One does find it quite interesting that Trump didn’t ban Muslims from two countries he does a tremendous amount of business with, Turkey & Saudia Arabia. It could have been just a “coincidence”, but it’s highly doubtful. Most likely another example of the Trump hypocrisy & a show of how his conflicts of interest will prevail. Either way the order & the bans are a very strong & extreme step, one not seen by this country since World War II. I’m for tighter security of our borders like many Americans, but banning people because of their religion is a frightening step that can & most likely lead to things that will have dire consequences. 

In other headlines I specially stopped in Mike Pence’s territory to see what they had to say about the first Vice-President taking place in The March for Life in Washington D.C. yesterday. It’s interesting how hypocritical conservatives really are. If President Obama had marched against something that was the law of the land, Republicans would still be talking about it. Pence’s presence at the march yesterday was barely even covered by anyone outside of his home state. 

Trump orders strict new refugee screening, citing terrorists (Via RTD)