Has Any President Ever Been as Despised in his Hometown as Donald Trump?

They say the people that know you best, vote accordingly, right?  If that holds true, Donald Trump a life long New Yorker & Manhattan resident lost both the city & state that he lives in by extremely wide margins. To be fair though, Trump did lose the popular vote by over 3 million votes as well.  It’s not that Trump lost the city & state he resides in, it’s how loathed is there. In New York City, a city Trump has lived & worked in for over 40 years, he got just 10% of the vote. Staggering for a city that’s the largest in the country. It’s also equally telling as well. It once again underscores just how utterly ignorant the Trump voters are. Hard core republicans will say that many democrats are just costal elites, that are out of touch. I ask you this, what more out of touch than a billionaire living in 50 story building in New York City, with his name on it. In town where is despised by almost all. 

Great article from Newsweek & Zack Schonfeld.