Spanning The Country 

Today Spanning The Country makes stops in the heartland in Denver & The Des Moines Register. Once again in may newspapers across the country was President Trump making headlines for the wrong reasons. Trump & company completely botched the announcement of a tax involving Mexico, that would be more of a hardships on Americans than Mexico. This all to pay for a wall that Trump claimed we weren’t going to pay for. 

Later in the evening Trump sat down with Sean Hannity and had a fairly terrifying interview where he said the majority of news was fake, scary. Trump doubled down on voter fraud, with no evidence & again he discussed the size of his inauguration crowd. Again, with no evidence to support any of his claims. President Obama has only been out of office a week, but it seems like so much longer, and it also seems like Trump has made more bad headlines in a week, than Obama made in 8 years.