Spanning The Country 

Spanning The Country makes stops at the Los Angeles Times & The Boston Globe. The news of the day in many other newspapers around the country was President Trump’s wild ride of wall’ & voter fraud. The voter fraud comments have thus far blown up in Trump’s face, as it was revealed yesterday his daughter Tiffany, his chief political strategist Steve Bannon & his Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnucin were all in violation & in registered to vote in two states. Something that seems about right for Trump & his fledgling administration.    

Trump also doubled down on his promise to build the wall on our southern border with Mexico. What’s extremely unclear is how the wall will be paid for beyond the American people. When pressed neither Paul Ryan, nor Donald Trump has offered any viable or quantifiable fact that Mexico would be paying. Both claim the process would be complex and “hard to explain”.   So it goes, another day in Trump’s America.