Spanning The Country 

Spanning The Country goes beltway style today with stops in Washington D.C. & Baltimore, Maryland. The big headlines of the day are the round of executive orders signed by President Trump. A quick sidebar, President Obama was largely criticized by conservatives for his usage of the executive order, however Republicans seem fine with Trump using them now.  Trump, actually fulfill two campaign promises yesterday by putting a freeze on all federal hiring, excluding the armed forces. Trump, also pulled the United States out of the Trans Pacific Partnership, fulfilling another campaign promise.  That move comes with mixed reviews as it will deeply affect farmers on the west coast & California. Trump, also signed back into an older law anti abortion law from the Reagan era, that prevents funding to overseas health organizations. Overall, it was a great day for the far right agenda, and a day that reminds people on the other side of the aisle what they are fighting for in the coming days, weeks & years.