The End Of Obamacare?

In between trashing the entire political system & talking about how bad the country is, and inauguration balls, President Trump managed to squeeze in an executive order. Yesterday, just a few hours after being inaugurated, Trump made his first visit to the Oval Office. There he took the first steps to ending Obamacare, by effectively gutting it. The only upside for people is it appears the penalty for not having the plan is now lifted. Otherwise, Trump’s Executive Order and its language basically eases the economic and regulatory burdens by federal agencies. Obviously, the move was PR and more symbolic.  The biggest effect of this order could be widespread waivers from the individual mandate. That, however could create chaos in the individual market. 

What’s still unclear from Trump & Republicans is what alternate they will offer to the Affordable Care Act.  Republicans have had six years to come up with a plan, but to date no one including Trump has offered much more than rhetoric.