Here We Go….

So it’s now here, it’s Black Friday for real , Donald Trump is now President Trump.    So now that he is here, what can we expect from Trump, other than more of the same?   The transition, by historical standards were awful. So far Trump has filled a total of 30 of the positions that need Senate confirmation, in case your wondering, 690 need confirmation.   Trump has the worst approval rating of anyone that’s ever taken office, that’s quite an achievement.  The best indicator of future behavior, is past behavior. If that indeed is the case, we are in for a bumpy ride. 

Here is a synopsis from Robert Reich on what we can expect. 
How will Trump govern? Here’s the verdict of three Trump biographers who have tracked him for more than two decades:

 “This is all about him completely dominating the news cycles—the use of Twitter to distract from any real questions, emphasis on loyalty, vituperation toward anyone he sees who is disloyal or doesn’t toe his line, and his emphasis on conflict, the notion of setting people against each other. Now it’s countries against each other. It’s news organizations against each other.”

“I’ve been asked lately about why he seems to have affection for a guy like Putin. And the thing that I’m afraid of most, based on what I’m seeing, is that he seems to want to be the same style of leader, where he intimidates people.”

“He has this deep fear that he is himself not a legitimate president, and I think that’s why he goes to such great lengths to delegitimize even the intelligence community, which is the president’s key resource in security, and he’s going to do this demeaning and delegitimizing behavior rather than accept what they have to tell him.”

“Trump measures himself by the number of norms that he can violate. The more he can get away with, the more he can thumb his nose at convention, the more powerful he feels.”

“He’s completely ill-informed and lacks the generosity of public spirit to think about what the right replacements should be for the same institutions that he’s railing against.”

“He’s the kid in the back of the class who is taunting the teacher, who is taking over, who has pushed the principal out of the principal’s office, and he’s appealing to that instinct that everyone has at some point in their lives to overthrow everything.”

“The two most powerful people in his White House, other than him, are going to be Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, and they’re going to have the final say on everything. And whatever Gary Cohn or Rex Tillerson or General Mattis or Jeff Sessions or Steve Bannon has to say, it will all end up getting filtered through Javanka. Other than those two, he won’t listen to anyone in a meaningful way, and he never has listened to anyone outside of his core group and family at the Trump Organization for decades, and that’s not going to change.”

“News that contradicts his worldview gets flushed down the sort of emotional and intellectual dispose-all that I think he carries around with him from the second he gets out of bed to the minute he goes to sleep each night. He is the master of counter-reality programming, and it makes him uniquely insusceptible to advice and creative thinking.”

“If he perceives that there’s the tiniest threat to his authority, that there’s any ripple of disloyalty, as he would think of it—then he’s on it.”

“He’s not going to be that concerned with the actual competent administration of the government. It’s going to be what he seems to be gaining or losing in public esteem. So almost like a monarch. Like a modern monarch. The figurehead who rallies people and gets credit for things.”

“He stands for what he can get away with, and if he can’t get away with it, but he made a promise on a ceremonial basis, he’ll figure out a way to blame it on someone else that he can’t fulfill a policy promise.”

“He has no concern for how any of these things look because he’s always gotten away with it and you can only really be sure of anything he says when you have independent paperwork or witnesses to consult.”

“The only things that have kept him awake at night historically are money, sex, food, and revenge.”

What do you think?

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  1. He makes me ill! He is an insult to our country, to our world, and I am appalled that they have stolen the Presidency from one of the most competent candidates that we’ve ever had in Secretary Clinton, and have foisted this buffoon on us. All we can do is fight, resist every day. Hold their feet to the fire by calling our reps every day and reminding them who put them in their posts. (I didn’t, I’d never vote for any of those poor excuses for human beings, but perhaps if they feel like their comfy seats are being threatened, they’ll act.).

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