The Propoganda Network?

Donald Trump constantly complains that the media doesn’t cover him accurately. It is something he has consistently whined about, his real issue is possibly maybe they cover him accurately, unlike Fox News. Networks are supposed to be fair and balanced, however this research by Pew & Robert Reich shows otherwise. 
According to a new study by the Pew Research Center, 40 percent of Trump voters got their news about the election from Fox News (in distant second place was CNN at 8 percent, and the rest mainly from social media). Clinton voters got 18 percent of their political news from CNN, 9 percent from MSNBC, 5 percent from the New York Times, and only 3 percent from Fox (the rest from an assortment of networks, local news, radio, and social media). 

Fox News – especially Trump surrogate Sean Hannity – delivered a steady stream of pro-Trump infomercials. If America still has the “fairness rule” that used to require media to be truly fair and balanced, Fox would be out of business. 

What do you think?