Billionaire of the Day…

It’s hard not to laugh when you stop and think about Trump voters, and Trump himself & the cabinet that he had assembled. It further magnifies the utter disconnect that voters have with reality and their choice for President.  Today another one of those billionaires was on display at the confirmation hearings. Steven Mnuchin is someone who like Trump has helped large corporations dodge their tax responsibilities, but worse still he ran a bank that aggressively foreclosed on thousands of Americans. Another example of the total lack of diversity of a president that lost by 3 million votes. 

Here is a brief overview of Mnuchin, from  Robert Reich & 

When will the working people who voted for Trump discover that he’s oligarch-in-chief? Today the Senate considers Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s pick for Treasury Secretary. Bad enough Mnuchin owns a bank that foreclosed on thousands of working people’s homes. According to today’s Times, Mnuchin is also the director of a tax haven (Dune Capital International, an investment fund incorporated in the Cayman Islands). He “inadvertently” failed to disclose this to the Senate committee reviewing his nomination.

He also “inadvertently” failed to disclose to senators that he manages 7 other investment funds; that he owns $95 million of real estate (a co-op in New York, a house in Southampton, a home in Los Angeles, and $15 million in real estate in Mexico); and $906,556 worth of art.

He explained these omissions were due to a misunderstanding of the financial questionnaire the Senate asked him to fill out. I suppose when your net worth is in the billions, these assets may seem like rounding errors. 

But it does seem to be a pattern with Trump and his nominees. Full disclosure isn’t something that comes naturally.

Other parallels: Both Trump and Mnuchin have run businesses accused of widespread racial discrimination and other predatory practices. And both men have hedged their political bets, donating big bucks to Democrats as well as Republicans. Both represent the excessive wealth and greed of America’s oligarchy.