Spanning The Country 

Spanning The Country today there were several big stories driving the headlines today. The big news of the day was President Obama shortening the sentence of Chelsea Manning. From a political standpoint I’m not sure why the right is up in arms. Just two weeks ago Donald Trump praised Julian Assange on Twitter. So the move by Obama should have pleased Trump. Another big story is the House Democrats numbers continuing to grow for boycotting the inauguration on Friday. At last count 59 members of Congress were boycotting. 

Of course the big concern for many across the country, and in Houston & Charlotte was the march forward to repeal Obamacare, and the concerns about what or if it will be replaced with.  As the Republicans get closer to repeal, there has been quantifiable replacement presented to the American people. One thing the people are short on these days, rightfully, is trust in the government to do the right thing.