Trump’s Big Score

One thing President Elect Trump has been good at his entire career, is fleecing people out of money. Looks like he is up to it again, this time he will do it as the president. Trump has raised over $90 million dollars for his inauguration. Raising money for an inauguration is nothing new, however the amount that Trump raised & keeping it a secret is. Some of the names & companies that have leaked sure makes it look like a pay for play deal. Once again, Donald Trump is perverting the system for his own personal gain.

Take a look at the company’s funding this farce. From Robert Reich. 

Trump is on target to raise more than $90 million — a record amount — to pay for days of Inaugural activities, including receptions, balls and the parade. 

His inaugural committee is offering access to Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence and their families in exchange for at least six-figure donations. For $100,000, donors will receive two tickets for dinner and a policy discussion with select Cabinet appointees. For $250,000, two tickets to a lunch with women of the first family. For $1 million, four tickets to a lunch featuring Cabinet appointees and congressional leaders and four tickets to a dinner with Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, Karen.

But Trump is trying to keep secret the names of the companies donating millions (a break from his Republican and Democratic predecessors in the White House).

Some corporate names have been leaked. I think it appropriate that you boycott them, and let their CEOs know you won’t do business with companies that collude with a tyrant: 

Chevron: $500,000.

Boeing: $1 million, 


JPMorgan Chase 

Bank of America



What do you think?