The Other Half….

Some interesting poll numbers out from the Wall Street Journal, regarding Russia’s interference in the Presidential election. What’s interesting, to me anyway, is that only half of those polled believed Russia had interfered. Take that in for a second, 17 intelligence communities agreed our election was interfered with, but only half of America believes we were. Considering that only 24% of the country voted for Trump, that is a staggering amount of disbelief or ignorance, however to see it, I choice the latter. A deeper look into the polling shows that only 26% people believed Trump would have lost, had Russia not interfered. Again, a staggering low number. Trump won the presidency by only 78,000 votes, period. I guess some silver lining to the polling was that 63% weren’t sure what affect the interference had. Naturally, one can assume the 36% that felt Russia didn’t hack or interfere were most likely Trump voters.

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