Take The Talk Like Trump Challenge…

So I have found that debating conservatives you reach an impasse extremely quick.  Neither side ever wants to back down, and quite honestly many conservatives are so devoid of actual facts on what President Elect Trump has actually said, versus what they “think” the media has said, it becomes that much more difficult.  I have found the perfect rebuttal though, to the ones who are actually informed to what Trump has actually said, his words.  Most go with the Kellyanne Conway approach that he doesn’t mean it in the way “we” perceive it or hear it.  Either way, I pose the question this way, can you talk like Donald Trump in the work place, or in a job interview?  I mean seriously, can you? Since this is America, and everyone loves the challenges, I say Take The Talk Like Trump Challenge.  Go to work tomorrow  and walk up to your boss, and openly question that he wasn’t born in America, tell him I’m not taking your word for it, I want to see your birth certificate, see how that goes.  If your like me, maybe you have a handicapped person that works in your office, go ahead when you have a big lunch crowd, mock his speech, mock his mannerisms, get some cheap laughs on your way out the door when your fired.  Maybe you have someone of a different religious persuasion than your own, let that person know that you don’t approve of that religion, and anyone that practices it shouldn’t be allowed to even be in this country.  See how quick you find yourself in the HR Department.  There could be some women in your office, let your co-workers know that you think they eat like pigs, or that you just don’t find them attractive enough to even sexually harass them, see how that goes.  What about the veteran that you work with, who maybe served this country in a time of war and who maybe lost friends in the war, let him know you don’t think anyone captured is a hero, make sure your a draft dodger when you say this, it adds some flavor to it .  Let’s say your the boss of your office, when you get some of your male co-workers behind closed doors, try bragging about all the things you can get away with because your the boss.  You can just walk up to the women in the office and kiss them, hey maybe even grab them by the pu&*$, because hey your the boss you can get away with stuff like that.  We can keep going, maybe you work with someone not from this country, make sure you tell them you think most people from their country are drug dealers & murders, maybe some are all right, maybe.

This is my talking point with conservatives, because as DUMB as many of the arguments they make, they know and can’t argue the fact that you just cant say any of these things in the work place in 2017, maybe 1817 or 1917, but no, not in 2017, sorry.  Of course, the silver lining is maybe they take you up on the challenge, this is our true test, right?  How many of these Trump supporters will put their money where their mouth is and Take The Talk Like Trump Challenge!!  Spread The Word, make this America’s New Challenge.

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