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What, is Donald Trump going to do after 1/20/17 ? He will be sworn in as President, and for at least a year or more he will have no opponent to bash, no one to throw unsubstantiated rumors at to throw off the media & his wholly uninformed supporters.  Trump tweeted again about Hillary Clinton “being guilty as hell”. As you would say Mr. Trump, wrong!!! Clinton has been completely cleared & exonerated. The only question that remains now is how badly the F.B.I botched the investigation.  The rest of your spew is just sound & fury. 

More on this from Robert Reich & The New York Times. 

In the wake of news that the Justice Department’s inspector general is investigating FBI director James B. Comey over his actions in the final days of the campaign, Trump tweeted this morning: “What are Hillary Clinton’s people complaining about with respect to the F.B.I. Based on the information they had she should never… have been allowed to run – guilty as hell.”

“Guilty as hell?” 

1. The investigation has nothing to do with whether Hillary Clinton violated the law with her private email server. Instead, it will center on why Mr. Comey sent a public letter to Congress in the last days of the campaign announcing the FBI was reopening the Clinton emails investigation after discovering other messages on the laptop of Anthony D. Weiner, the estranged husband of Huma Abedin, a top Clinton aide. Days later, Comey announced the computer held no incriminating evidence. Comey’s announcement clearly damaged Hillary Clinton’s campaign. 

2. We now know that Comey and the FBI were also investigating Russian operatives and their intervention in the presidential election on behalf of Trump, and possible connections between the Trump campaign and the Russians – but Comey and the FBI never announced they were doing so. By announcing the reopening of the Clinton investigation but saying nothing about the Trump investigation, the FBI seems to have been playing favorites in the campaign – a clear violation of the FBI’s role, and a threat to democracy. Hopefully the investigation will also examine this.

3. Trump obviously doesn’t want to the inspector general’s investigation to cast further doubt on the legitimacy of his presidential win. But for him to respond to the investigation by tweeting that Hillary Clinton is “guilty as hell” is even below the low bar he’s already set. The man lies compulsively, and will say anything to divert attention from what’s really going on. 

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