The Russian Trump Card??

News is flying fast and furious this evening, and several media outlets are reporting the following information. The information below was reported by Robert Reich & The New York Time

More to follow…..

Here’s what the Russians have on Trump: 

None of the following are yet substantiated by the FBI or other U.S. intelligence agencies. The information comes from a former British intelligence officer who is considered a competent and reliable source, with extensive experience in Russia. His memos describe: 

1. Several purported meetings during the 2016 presidential campaign between Trump representatives and Russian officials to discuss matters of mutual interest, including the Russian hacking of the Democratic National Committee and of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta.

2. Lucrative deals proposed to Trump by Russian officials — essentially disguised bribes — designed to win influence over Trump.

3. Sex videos involving prostitutes with Trump in a 2013 visit to a Moscow hotel. The videos were supposedly prepared as “kompromat,” or compromising material, with the possible goal of blackmailing Trump in the future.

Again, none of this is substantiated. Apparently the FBI is looking into them.

What do you think?