Spanning The Country 

Well it’s a common political trick to release things on Christmas or Christmas Eve. Even though President Elect Trump claims not be a politician, his actions yesterday prove otherwise. Trump, hoping that under the cloud of Christmas mayhem, his closing down HIS very & much maligned “charitable foundation ” would go largely unnoticed. 

Spanning some of the countries newspapers this Christmas morning, I see many of them did their job & made it headline news. 
More to come on this story….

Spanning The Country 

Gore Vidal famously said that half the Country doesn’t vote & half the country doesn’t read newspapers, let’s hope its the same half. 

From Seattle, Washington to Richmond, Virginia the biggest headlines were the United States not voting in the UN resolution involving Israel. While the no vote was not surprising, it was still disappointing for our ally & Israel’s many supporters across this country & abroad. 

The Sound of Silence 

It is very interesting what Donald Trump takes the time to address & condemn. Earlier today Trump’s New York campaign co-chairman was quoted saying extremely racist & bigoted things about both President Obama & the First Lady. Trump has taken to twitter several times since, however nothing on the statements made by Carl Paladino. 

Conservatives wonder why this President has such a bad reputation regarding racism & bigotry & hate. Just another example of Trump’s new America 

Stop Normalizing of Racism 

You most likely don’t know Carl Paladino, a prominent american businessman, and real estate developer. More recently though, Paladino was the co-campaign chair for New York, for President-Elect Donald Trump. 

Today a report from The Buffalo News & The Hill have verified extremely racist comments made by Paladino regarding the First Lady & President Obama.  Paladino was quoted as saying “Michelle Obama, I’d like to see her return to being a male and let loose in the outback of Zimbabwe, where she lives comfortably in a cave with Maxie the gorilla.  

When referring to President Obama, Paladino was quoted as saying “Obama catches mad cow disease after being caught having relations with a Hereford. He dies before trial and is buried in a pasture…..”. There was more to this quote regarding White House advisor Valarie Jarrett.  

This person works for Donald Trump, a close associate. This person was a senior person in his campaign and this is the rhetoric coming from a Trump surrogate. This type of obvious racism & normalization has to stop. Trump needs to address this in the media with the same zeal & vigor he does Alec Baldwin or SNL.   

I’m not NBC or CBS or anyone of consequence, but The Daily Liberal will do everything in its power to bring issues like this to as much light as possible. Racism & Hate cannot & will not be tolerated in a civilized society.