Trump & Lady Liberty 

One of the more iconic moments in a movie in the 90’s is when Thelma & Louise drive off a cliff, arm & arm. Classic movie, classic ending. Are we headed for the same type of ending ? Donald Trump takes office on January 20th 2017, and the closer we get to that date, the more the realization sets in, what a wild ride this is going to be.

It seems for the moment anyway that conservatives have bought into everything he says, most of it devoid of facts. Yesterday, the FBI & DHS released their report on Russian involvement in our election and subsequently President Obama issued sanctions against them. What follows next is President Elect Trump saying we should just move on, nothing to see here, essentially. Of course that is followed by the sound & fury of conservatives condemning President Obama’s sanctions, against Russia. That’s where we are at boys and girls, late in 2016.

So where does that leave us, we the people, the 66 million majority that voted for the other candidate?  Are we headed over the cliff with Donald Trump, as he gets ready to push the laws and constitution in ways never seen in American history ? As good as the movie Thelma & Louise was, I say let’s write a different ending to this story, let Trump take himself over the cliff, but not US or this great nation!

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