Coming Soon…..???

One thing liberals seem to grasp better than conservatives, is Republicans are in bed with big oil & big business. It’s not a coincidence that the greatest economic booms in the last 25 years occurred during the Bill Clinton years, and again during the Obama years, after near economic collapse during the Bush presidency. 

A quick glance at President Elect Trump’s cabinet suggest several things are on the horizon, and not much of it will benefit the “working class” voter that supported the Trump campaign. When you think of billionaires make their money, it’s the not the Robin Hood way, it’s quite the opposite. Billionaire CEO’ are beholden to stock holders & boards, not the people that work for them. Something says that same mentality will carry over into their government service. 

One of the more worrisome appointments is Rex Tillerson, former CEO of Exxon. His ties to Russia aside, his ties to big oil to say the least is a frightening specter for “We The People “.  If you remember the Bush years, and he was an oil guy from Texas, a convenience that did the american people no good. During the Bush years American’s suffered through inflated gas prices not seen since the 70’s.  There are many things that can be predicted about a Trump presidency, but one I would bet the farm on, is this time next year, gas prices will have increased 25-30%. 

Stay tuned………