The Apocalypse Day 22…..


So we are on day 22 of the Trump transition, and what we have learned is not much different that what we knew from his campaign.  In the last few days, I guess frustrated by Jill Stein stealing his headlines with her recount efforts, Trump tweets that there was massive voter fraud, a story he made up out of whole cloth, and one that no one has supported him on so far.  Fast forward to yesterday, Trump basically forgot or chose to ignore civics basic 101, when after watching Fox News in which they had a segment about flag burning, Trump tweets flag burners should lose citizenship & do a year of jail time.  Once again showing how ill equipped he is to do the job and moreover how little control anyone has over the mad tweeter.

 Meanwhile, as this is going on, Trump is assembling his version of the Billionaire Boys club, with 4 billionaires and counting in his cabinet and 3 former Goldman Sachs executives, so much for draining the swamp, looks more like a re-stock, except so far very few of these people are in any way qualified to do the job they are charged with doing.  The latest rumors from Trump Tower has Sarah Palin in line for a possible cabinet post, Secretary of Veterans Affairs.  You know it’s bad when you hear Palin’s name and think it could be worse, at least she has worked in state government at one point. Lastly but not least is Trumps flirtation with Mitt Romney.  Romney far & away would be the most qualified member of Trump’s team if appointed, and the most ready to the job on day one.  Romney has success in high levels of business & government, and the type of experience this cabinet & team desperately need.  I still think Romney is a long shot to fill the post of Secretary of State, but hey maybe we get one Christmas miracle from Trump & Co.

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