The Trump Chump Wagon….

It’s been a hell of a week for Donald Trump & Co.  It started with his selection for chief strategist, the “alt right” Steve Bannon.  From there, rumors have been flying that Trump & his team are trying to figure a role for his son in law in the White House.  That’s right, the same son in law, Jared Kushner that’s married to Ivanka Trump.  I’m sure there is no conflict of interest there, right? Ivanka will run Trump’s international business and her husband works at the White House for Dad, seems like a blind trust to me, emphasis on Americans being blind with their trust.

Trump had two rapid fire selections in the last 24 hours, the first being Gen. Mike Flynn being offered the National Security Advisor job, a role that will not need Senate confirmation.  Flynn’s most recent work  was paid speeches in Russia for Putin.  I guess as long as Hillary isn’t the one giving the speeches, republicans are ok with it.  Trump’s next pick was for Attorney General, and it was long time Trump backer, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions.  Session’s will be confirmed I’m sure, but he has also had the same problem most people Trump surrounds himself with, racially charged comments.  In Session’s case, he was rejected by the Senate in the late 80’s for a federal judgeship.  Expect his hearing to be bumpy.

What comes next is anyone’s guess, the list for Secretary of State seems to growing, not getting smaller.  It has ranged from the good, bad & the ugly.  Everyone from John Bolton, to Nikki Haley, to Mitt Romney, with several unnamed candidates in the mix.  Whatever comes will be as scary & entertaining as everything else this clown as down this year.

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