For The Record….

Who Will Win Today?
It is has been a long, hard fought battle by all candidates on both sides of the aisle, that mercifully ends today. But who & what party comes out on top?

I believe the polls are much tighter that we think, so close in fact I think there is real possibility that Trump wins the popular vote, on that front I say the final margin is less than 1.5% either way. I think and believe Hillary Clinton will win the electoral college in the area of 275-285 votes. 

There was a time I thought the Senate would go blue this year, but FBI Director Comey took care of that. It’s going to be a long hard fought battle today that will end in either a tie or the GOP having a one vote advantage.  
House of Representatives 

This is the easy one, the republicans have to great an advantage. The democrats will eat into it a bit today, but the GOP will still maintain a very solid lead in the house. 
What do you think?